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An unbridled passion for food & beverage – it’s there in spades. It’s something I share with an international collective of exceptionally talented people. They speak the same language. After all, great minds think alike. We get together to exchange experiences and discuss innovative opportunities and business models. That’s Zensespowerful synergies & cross-pollination. We believe in the power of creativity, in its essentiality and diversity. And we believe in the unlimited possibilities of creative collaboration. That means we don’t let ourselves be pinned down or typecast. It’s all about innovation and new insights, but at the same time, it’s also about a healthy lifestyle, happiness, fun, pride, transparency and trust.

If you bring us an idea, then we’ve got a question for you… In fact, we frequently have more than just one. Are we know-it-alls? Not at all. These questions have to get us to the heart of what you’re really looking for, to the proverbial honeypot – for you and your client. You want to stand out in a rough and tumble market that’s packed with competition. You want to be different. You want to be seen, but it’s so hard to let go of that great food concept you saw at a competitor. Zenses can help you get there. As the advisor at the heart of the collective, top chef & inspirer, Bartel Dewulf, will go above and beyond what you have in mind – literally and figuratively. On the one hand, he’s like a drone that provides a true-to-life helicopter view.

By taking that approach, he untethers himself from your initial plan, can challenge and tweak it to its best self. He pares it down to the essence and then scours the Zenses network for the right partners – people who can take you where you want to go. From cooks consumed with the desire to push the gastronomic boundaries, to talented architects who only need a few words to come up with the perfect design for a professional kitchen and experienced strategists, to coaches and food inspirers who make sure the team is on the ball and ready to give your project every chance of success: the creative Armada of Zenses exclusively consists of dependable professionals who have already earned their stripes and who can be flexibly deployed based on the customer’s needs.

How can we help?


Creation & innovation



Rushing headlong into something? That’s never a good idea. Lack of strategy often leads to unpredictable and disappointing outcomes, which is why Zenses is committed to a well-considered approach – one that doesn’t waste valuable time and money. We work out a definition, perform an analysis and draft a recommendation and plan during a strategic exercise. We see the rollout through, focussed on the results – making a connection and generating sparks.


Zenses always contextualise a commission within the bigger picture.Because what could be more fun than thinking about that potential next step?We give our creativity free rein. Zenses is supported by an open and professional network of enthusiastic partners. They bring out the best in each other, which means they bring out the best in your project too.

Creation & innovation

The stronger the team, the better the performance. Each and every one of our coaches is an expert in their field. They’ve travelled well off the beaten path and have a wealth of experience. That makes them perfectly cut out for putting a strong, efficient team together for you and then making sure that they’re more than ready to tackle what lies ahead.


The recipe (to success) (i.e. the concept) is ready. We know what ingredients we’ll be working with. The measures and weights have been adjusted to perfection. Now it’s down to finding and evaluating the right supplier(s) to really get the mix cooking. In this area too, you can rely on the impressive reach of the Zenses network.


Happy customers

Permanent team

Bartel Dewulf

Enthusiastic entrepreneur with an insatiable appetite for new culinary adventures.

Cindy Straetmans

Office, sales and project manager in one. Cindy can advise you on optimizing your customer base, quotations, showing customers around … She makes sales a smart part of your business.

Andy Poot

A process-oriented thinker who is constantly looking for efficiency gains. The right man to speed up operations and better manage HR, invoicing and administration tasks.

Bettina Eemans

Need a daily operations manager, with years of experience in the restaurant and event sector, to get your business (back) on track? Bettina is your support and anchor.

Patrick Watte

A chef who effortlessly combines creativity with culinary sophistication. A perfect technique and precise cooking times are more important to him than intuition.

Thomas Dumont

A jack of all trades and above all a practical problem solver who knows how to tackle things.

Bram Tollet

A real people manager who has mastered the profession of maître d'hotel down to the last detail, and even more excels in organizational talent.

Robbrecht Wissels

One creative culinary artist, committed to serve all senses. Always adding a pinch of spice. Operated in France, England, Dubai, USA, Denmark

William Wouters

Maître d'hotel and impeccable host. Invisible and yet everywhere at once – he manages and leads, always perfectly poised on the knife's edge.

Chantal Roquet

A born organizer and coordinator. Thanks to her great sense of refinement and eye for detail, you will earn appreciation from your customers at luxurious corporate parties, seminars, product launches etc.

Evert Detaellenaere

Notorious, sophisticated and precise. An exceptional master chef, who knows what is hot in the world of food.
Operated in Monaco, France, Switzerland, England

Louis Coymans

Cooking wizard, but above all – an innovative people manager.

Frédéric Decruyenaere

Culinary entertainer. He’s been conjuring up a unique mix of flavours and aromas from under his chef's hat for over 20 years now.

Wouter Van Gansbeke

With his fresh take on ideas, hands-on mentality and expertise, he's got no problem whipping up a solution with the kitchen team to satisfy the customer’s demands.


Veerle De Brabanter

Incredibly flexible food inspirer who cooks from the heart with a good dose of common sense.

Johan Van de Velde

Strategic advisor. He spices up your food & beverage story with the right marketing and communication tools.

Réal M.A.Toye

Expert financial advisor and controller with an analytical mind that stands head over shoulders above the rest.

Pascal Premereur

As a HSQE manager I ensure compliance with legislation and policies on health, safety, quality and environment. I secure the business process in full compliance with local legislations, existing policies and procedures. 

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